Musical Instruments & Gear Stage Lighting & Effects Lighting Stands & Trusses
Crank Up Triangle Truss Light Stand System – DJ Lighting Trussing Stage Mount PA
Triangle Truss Extension 5' Extra Span Trussing Section DJ Lighting System Stand
CHAUVET DJ CH06 Lightweight Lighting Stand with T-Bar
8) CHAUVET CLP-03 Standard 6" C-Clamps DJ Truss Light Mounting | 44 lbs Capacity
American DJ 9 Ft Black Lighting Tripod T-Bar Light Stand w/ Cross Bar | LTS-6
ProX T-LS35C 15' Wide Crank Triangular Trussing Mobile DJ Lighting Truss System
Chauvet Kinta X Lighting & Stage Effects
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Plug + Play by Neil Merry
This kit by Royal College of Art graduate Neil Merry allows musicians to control sound and lighting effects at their gigs by slinging the microphone around or waggling their instruments ... music venues, as well as easily integrating into a larger stage ...
Trent Reznor’s How to Destroy Angels Plays Light Like an Instrument
More accurately, he is playing an instrument, but it doesn’t play music — it plays light. How to Destroy Angels ... architecture and how to make something that didn’t feel at all like a rock show, felt more like an art installation.”
The 12 wackiest musical instruments
This small modified keyboard instrument invented by Percy Grainger, Australia's most eccentric composer (1882-1961), is tuned in sixth-tones to produce a microtonal effect of an even, gliding scale. It was one of several so-called "free music machines ...
Kam presents new range of DJ effect lighting
Kam has launched a new range of LED DJ effect lights, comprised of six professional models. The new series aims to provide DJs with a wide variety of cost-effective lighting effects. The Kam LED Minx serves up a classic disco moonflower effect that is ...
DJ Light Truss Stand System - Trussing I-Beam Lighting Stage PA Speaker T-Bar
Pair Truss Crank Stand Support Bar T-Adapter Fits Global STSB-005 ST-90 ST-157
Odyssey LTMTS1PRO Pro DJ 10 FT Portable Stage Crank-Up Lighting Truss System
Global Truss IB-4052 8.20 Feet I-Beam Trussing Segment With Hardware
Global Truss SQ-4121 1.64Ft 2-Way 90 Degree Corner Square Trussing Section
Pro Audio DJ Lighting Universal Par Can Wash Light Fixture Tripod Stand & T Bar
2) Chauvet DJ CH-06 Portable Lightweight Easy Setup T Bar Tripod Light Stands
Pro Audio DJ Portable Light Lighting Fixture T Bar Stands 10Ft Truss Package
Odyssey LTMTS8 8' Foot Wide Mobile DJ Light Truss w/ 2 Tripods & Mounting Pole
ProX XT-SC20 3mm 20” Boom Arm Pole with Pro Clamp Truss Connector
ProX T-LS32M 15FT Portable DJ Lighting Truss/Stand w T-Bar Trussing Stage System
Rockville RCS52 Universal Lighting Cross Bar Stand Adjustable from 5 ft - 7.5 ft
Global Truss SQ-4112 6.56FT 2.0m F34 Square Truss Segments + White Covers 4 Pack
American DJ Pro Event Table Booth IBeam Truss Segment for Hanging Light Fixtures
(2) DJ Pro Lighting 10 Foot Crank Light Stand & (2) Square Truss T-Bar Adapter
3x 5ft Lighting Triangle Bolted Truss 15' span Stand Universal DJ Metal 5' NEW
Trusst DJ Glo Totem 2.0 LED Glow Uplight Lighting Tower Pair with Bag + Scrim
(2) Rockville RVLS1 12' Ft Tripod Lighting Tree Stand w/Side Bars
Rockville RVLS1 12' Ft Tripod Lighting Tree Stand w/Side Bars - 110lb Capacity
Global Truss TR-4108 Base Plate For F33 Triangular Trussing Section
Global Truss SQ-4113 8.20 ft. (2.5m) F34 Square Box Truss Trussing Segment
On-Stage Stands LTA4770 Lighting Clamp w/ Cable Ma
ProX T-LS35C 5/10/15ft Wide Triangle Lighting Truss Light Stand with Crank
NEW! AMERICAN DJ LTS-2 Aluminum Black Heavy Duty 12 Ft Tripod T-Bar Light Stand
10 Pack New Aluminum Truss Clamps DJ Light Clamp Fits 1-1/4" to 1-3/8" OD Tubing
6 Foot White Totem/Lighting Truss Stand Zipper Scrim Cover Sleeve Sock (6ft)
ProX 4.92 FT/1.50M Square Box Lighting Trussing Fits Global Truss F34 SQ-4111
8) Chauvet CH-05 31" Inch Safety Clamp Lighting Cable Wires - Up To 700 LBS CH05
30Ft 14/3 Multi Outlet Power Cord Stringer for Backlines LED Uplights Mobile DJs
Two (2) Triangle or Square Truss Adapter Bracket Tripod Crank Light Stand Bar
(4) Chauvet CLP-03 Standard C Clamps Light Mounting Lighting Truss Mounts CLP03
Pair of 12" x 12” Aluminum Truss Base or Top Plate Fits Global Truss F34 SQ
Global Truss O Clamps Light Mount DJ Par lighting Hook 165LBs Heavy Duty 10PCS
6.56FT 2 Meter Aluminum Plasma TV Mount Stand Stage/Club DJ Lighting Truss Tower
CedarsLink 15FT Portable DJ Lighting Truss/Stand w T-Bar Trussing Stage System
Chauvet DJ CH-06 Portable Lightweight Easy Setup T Bar Tripod Truss Light Stand
12"X12" Base Plate/ Top For Square or Triangle Trussing Fits F34 Global Truss SQ
Eliminator Lighting E-133 / Tri-33 - Tripod T-Bar Lighting Stand
ProX XF-TTFB 6ft Table Top DJ Facade w/ Black Trim + Black & White Scrim
Ground Support Top Section for Box Truss Chain Hoist Fits Global F34 GT-TOP/CM
Truss O Clamps Light Mount DJ Par lighting 165LBs Hook 10 Pack Heavy Duty Alloy
Pro Audio DJ Adjustable DJ Speaker Or Lighting Fixture Truss Tripod Crank Stand
Portable DJ Lighting Truss Stand w/ T-Bar Trussing Stage System 265 lb Steel
1.64Ft 2-Way rounded Corner Square Trussing Section Fits Global Truss F34 2"
BulbAmerica DJ Lighting PAR 38 CAN Black w/ Socket Power Cord & PAR38 Gel Frame
Ultimate Support LT-99BL Lighting Tree Stand with Bag UPC 784887173872
Stage Light O Clamps 165 LBs DJ lighting Hook Mount US 10-Pack Alloy Stand Truss
X-Static / Pro X T-LS31M Portable DJ Light Trussing 10 FT Truss w/T-Bars
Two 14' Crank Up Stands+Three 5ft 1.5 meter Metal Bolt Triangle Truss Segments
ProX X-LS79 Universal Adapter Lighting Mount On 1 3/8" Poles
Global Truss Half Coupler for Baseplate 4-Pack
ProX XT-MCH1TX2-30FT Set of 2 1 ton Manual Chain Hoists w 30' Chains & Case
ADJ C-Clamp Heavy Duty Lighting Clamp
ProX XB-SQ492TB 4.92FT (1.50m) Truss Travel Carry Bag
Base Plate 20" X 20" Square Triangle Linear Lighting Truss Fits Global Truss F34
Complete 16 ft Square Aluminum Double Truss Goal Post Lighting System DJ Lights
Global Truss Base Plate 20X20A Aluminum Square Trussing Base Plate
CedarsLink 15FT Portable DJ Lighting Truss/Stand w T-Bar Trussing Stage System
Pro Audio DJ Quad Tree 8 Bolt Lighting Fixture 12 Foot Height Tripod Light Stand
(4) ProX XT-SQ656 6.56FT (2.00m) Square Truss Segments and XT-TDKIT Dolly Kit
BLACK TRUSS ARCH KIT 16.5FT Width Mobile Portable DJ Lighting System Metal Arch
Global Truss Base Plate 2x2S Steel Base Plate for Square Truss
Pro Audio DJ Light Lighting Portable Truss 10 Foot I Beam Section Extension New
2 Meter 6.56 Ft Truss Aluminum DJ Lighting Tower Square Trussing Totem With Top
Span-Set Black Nylon Roundsling Stage Rigging Climbing
Tripod Stand W/T Bar For LED Flood Light Camp Work Emergency Lamp Workinglight
Complete 23ft Square Aluminum Truss Goal Post Lighting System DJ Lights Speakers
Chauvet Trusst QT-GOAL POST KIT Mobile DJ Portable Lighting Truss System w/ Case
Global Truss DT-3900L 13ft Crank Stand - 250lb Max - New
2 Global Truss DT-F34 SPK/MT Speaker Arm Mount vertical attachment for F34 Totem
Global Truss Square 9-In Truss F24 Straight 6.56Ft (2.0M)
8.20 FT/2.5M Square Aluminum Box Lighting Trussing Fits All Major Name Brands
ProX X-DS29 Adjustable Double Speaker Bracket Stand for Dual Speakers
26"X26" Base Plate For Square Aluminum Trussing /Triangle Fits F34 Global Truss
White spandex Lycra speaker scrim DJ tripod stand cover triple 3 sided disco bag
Global Truss Base Plate 3X3S Steel Base Plate F33 Triangular/F34 Square Trussing
ProX XT-FTP328-656-B 3.28/6.56FT Flex Tower Platform Truss Totem Package (Pair)
Universal 5FT 1 3/8" Diameter Lighting Cross Bar W/ Bolts
Harmony Audio HA-TRUSSKIT Pro DJ 10FT Lighting Truss Package Tripod Light Stands
American DJ LTS-6 Lighting Stand
American DJ 9 Ft Black Light Tripod T-Bar Light Stand w/ Cross Bar (Refurbished)
Global Truss Base Plate 12" x 12" for F34 Square Truss 2-Pack
On-Stage stands LS7720BLT (two)
BLACK TRUSS ARCH KIT 23FT Width Mobile Portable DJ Lighting System Metal Bolts
Global Truss DT-TV M34 LED Plasma TV Truss Mount
Trusst CTC-35SCX2 Black Scrim Clamp with Hook (2 Pack)
Trusst CTC-35SCX2 Black Scrim Clamps Package (4 Pack)
Chauvet DJ CH-03 Heavy-Duty Stage Lighting T-Bar Tripod Stand
Steel-Flex Gac Flex Gac-Flex Black Nylon Roundsling Stage Rigging Climbing
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Dancing At Fela’s Shrine
“The music is so sensual, with a political and social sense, and you can’t help moving to it,” says Wierzel, who added the lighting ... effect espoused by Helmut Haas in the 1940s. Setting the time delay by placing a speaker on a stand on stage ...
Grouplove’s Ryan Rabin: How To “Grouplove-ify” In A Garage
And just this month, Ryan and Grouplove played a blistering set, lighting up the stage to the delight of ... I began recording music when I was twelve, so I had a bit of time to build up my gear collection with a few hand-me-down pieces of gear my dad ...
How to buy a PA system
If you didn't already know, PA stands ... lighting rig. That way you can offer a DJ service in addition to live music and charge a premium for supplying the soundtrack to the whole evening. It's also worth considering getting all of your newly-acquired ...
London and South East
Stage canopies, lighting hire, portable, staging and rigging and truss and lighting design. For all events - corporate, trade shows, fashion, music shows and ... renowned for their lighting kits and precise optics. Luminys Systems Corp (formerly Lightning ...